The Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the most exciting and productive areas in the world to fish. Experiential Fishing (Pesca Vivencial) in The Galapagos Marine Reserve is allowed, this under strict environmental regulations and done exclusively by local active fishermen in order to ensure a strong local participation and direct benefit to the local economy, as well as, to stop out of season fishing and the illegal capture of species such as shark.
Come and Live this wonderful adventure while ensures a true sustainable tourism!

This are the seasons for sportfishing in the Galapagos Islands:

• Striped marlin : February – June believe it or not could go from 10 up to 50 a day, this is the peak season however you can catch it any month pretty much.

• Blue marlin : Mid March up to late August is the highest season but Just as it is with the striped marlin you find it any time.

• Atun(Tuna) black and yellow fins as well as wahoo, Dorado.

It is worth pointing out that the fishing in Galapagos is excellent, due to a number of factors. The same currents that bring food for the millions of birds, reptiles and other species that inhabit Galapagos also feeds the marine life ecosystem, which thrives. Because Galapagos waters are off-limits to foreign fishermen and large fishing vessels, there is less strain on the environment.

So ask for your Galapagos fishing trip when you visit the Galapagos Islands!



Species of halfbeak, Marlin or Sailfish. One they´re catched, must be realeased.

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