It is named after Bahia Sardina hill which is located near the site, it has traditionally been used by the fishing industry and is still used to date. It is characterized as an ideal place for fishing and is known for species such as sardines, Liza, octopus, lobster, shrimp, churo, sea cucumber. Etc.
Sardina Bay has two beaches, their main attractions are small white sand dunes, clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling, and the bays large presence of turtles, rays and wolf fish.
The landing site is easily accessible in both high and low tide due to the bays calm waters.
As an added attraction the landscape is surrounded by lava cones and is a nesting site for sea turtles. Sardina Bay is in a protected zone called 2.3 and is used for conservation, extraction and non-extraction by the GMR as established in GNP zoning corresponding to the conservation and restoration of the ecosystem.

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