San Cristobal


Nahin Zavala inherited the art of fishing from his father Mr. Abel Zavala, one of the first settlers of San Cristobal Island.

Galapagos Fishing5

From the age of 10 Nahin worked with his father aboard the fishing boat "El Señor de los Milagros". Each fishing excursion would last approximately 20 days as they sailed to Darwin and Wolf Island.

Throughout the Holly Week they would catch, prepare, and sell dried salted cod. The other six months were engaged in catching and selling fresh fish for local consumption.

The previous artisanal method of fishing was an entirely handmade method known as "The String", It consisted of a lead draw that was about 5 pounds, it could hold 5 hooks and sink up to 150 meters. No safety equipment or modern technology was used.

In order to improve and protect the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos the government, through the PNG, along with the fisheries sector managed to implement an environmentally friendly form of tourism known as Experiential Fishing. This new artisanal form of fishing in Galapagos drastically changed the meaning of fishing at the time. Nahin, after 40 years of hard work in the fishing industry, decided to be part of this great change.

We invite you to be part of this great experience and enjoy unique and unforgettable moments with Nahin Zavala and all those who make up Yate Rosa Blanca.


  • To inform tourists about experiential fishing while aboard a safe and modern boat. All tour groups are accompanied by an experienced Fisherman and a naturalist guide who will provide information about of the unique flora and fauna in Galápagos.


  • To encourage and strengthen the conservation of marine species in Galapagos through tourist activities with less environmental impact.

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